First Responder Addiction Treatment


Treatment at Livengrin for chemical dependency begins with an initial "intake" or assessment. Together, along with a FRAT coordinator, we can determine that Livengrin is the appropriate facility for you.

While the FRAT help line (at left) is always available, you can also call our trained Admissions staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

215-638-5200 or 800-245-4746

In your call to us, you can also learn about our programs and services, what to bring for your stay at the facility, and other helpful information for both the patient and the family. (The Admissions Guide on what to expect also provides this information.) Then we can schedule your admission at a convenient time.

Patients participate in diagnostic and medical evaluations so that the most effective and appropriate care is chosen. Patients also take part in any subsequent treatment - nothing is done "to" a patient, only in partnership with them.

Because admission requires verification of insurance and/or other financial considerations, read the Insurance section.

The inpatient facilities at Bensalem have fully-certified medical staff always available on-site. Licensing statement

Admission to Livengrin Foundation is voluntary, and is undertaken without regard to race, age, national origin, spiritual background, gender, marital status or sexual orientation.