First Responder Addiction Treatment


The team that keeps FRAT on track is a blend of clinical specialists and experienced responders. The police veterans who manage the program have seen everything that can be witnessed by a responder. They aren't shy about speaking from personal experience. They've always been "the ones who take the calls" and they're still in that role, assisting those seeking help for dependencies.

Sergeant Andy Callaghan has spent almost twenty-five years with the Philadelphia Police Department. That includes nineteen working in narcotics, with experience in DEA and FBI task forces and as a drug expert in federal, state and local courts. With first-hand knowledge of post-traumatic stress disorder, and as a founding member of the Philadelphia chapter of Bottles & Badges, Callaghan has volunteered many hours with police departments in several states, and he's certified in crisis intervention and peer counseling.

Other top personnel who guide responders into treatment and work with the clinical team have decades of background in helping their peers in a variety of police-assistance networks around the region.

It's natural for FRAT to make its home base at Livengrin Foundation, which has been providing treatment services to first responders for years. One of its clinical managers had two decades' experience as an urban street cop before becoming a certified counselor. Livengrin employs other veterans of law enforcement, firefighting and related fields who are now counselors or advocates.